McDermott Air, LLC and Isolair, Inc. are pleased to announce the location of their business operations to the South Alabama Regional Airport in Covington County, Alabama, USA.

McDermott Aviation Pty. Ltd. was established back in 1982,  beginning operations as an Aerial Application specialist company. Since then, they have grown into Australia’s largest privately-owned helicopter company – while still operating out of their original premises on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

They have evolved over 35 years from providing purely Aerial Application operations, to operating Australia’s largest fleet of privately-owned helicopters, and are currently the industry leaders in Lifting/Aerial Crane Operations, Mosquito and Fire Ant control application, Search and Rescue Operations, Aerial Application, VIP Charter and Freight, and of course Aerial Fire Fighting – currently holding one of the greatest number of NAFC Aerial Fire Fighting contracts in Australia, and pride themselves on their level of Fire Fighting ability, performance and customer service. (

McDermott Aviation saw an opportunity to further expand their business and has just completed the acquisition of 12 Bell 214 ST helicopters. They needed a North American operation center and have landed at the South Alabama Regional Airport in Covington County, Alabama, USA.

John McDermott, president, said, “We had a local contact tell us about the South Alabama Regional Airport and the reception we received was amazing! Working with Jed Blackwell, Airport Executive Director, Rick Clifton with the Covington County Economic Development Commission, and local officials made our difficult acquisition and site location decision a lot easier.  We are happy to be a part of the Covington County community.”

Joining McDermott Air is Isolair, Inc. Founded in the early 1980′s, Isolair was created to satisfy customers’ needs for helicopter equipment superior to those that were found on the market. In 1998, current owner Michael Powell purchased the company, and Isolair has continued to see consistent growth. Michael and his wife, Terry, have guided Isolair to sales that are in the millions of dollars yearly. With the increasing reliance upon helicopters throughout the world, Isolair is well-positioned to propel the helicopter application industry throughout the next decade, and beyond, with one goal in mind: design and manufacture equipment to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Isolair has been manufacturing quality helicopter systems for the firefighting, agricultural, and forest industry for the past 40 years. Their products include agricultural spray systems, to seeders, torches, buckets, forestry grapples and fire-fighting equipment. For more about them, visit 

Isolair, Inc. and McDermott Aviation have been business partners for years and the fit is natural.

“We saw the opportunity to grow our business by relocating to Covington County.  We have found that Alabama is truly business friendly and that is exactly what we need as we make this big transition,” said Michael Powell, President of Isolair. “My wife, Terry, and I are looking forward to making Covington County home.”

The project was negotiated and approved by the Covington County Economic Development Commission, the South Alabama Regional Airport Board, the Covington County Commission and the cities of Opp and Andalusia.

Jed Blackwell, executive director of the South Alabama Regional Airport, was excited about their new partners.

“McDermott Aviation and Isolair locating at our MRO hangar is a big boost for our airport and our community.  The jobs they offer will create opportunities for workers throughout our region. Thanks, John and Michael for making South Alabama your headquarters!”

The companies will employ around 30 people and are looking for qualified A&P certified applicants to maintain and grow their Bell fleet and manufacturing facility. For employment opportunities, please forward your resume and application to Isolair Inc.: