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Group seeks sponsors for effort to paint fire hydrants

Members of the Old Three Notch Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution are seeking a few sponsors to help them paint Andalusia the most patriotic town in the South.

Brenda Gouge, who serves as the organization’s regent, said she stumbled upon the idea by accident.

“I saw a picture of some DAR ladies in Alabama. They were standing outside at the Kate Duncan school and there was a fire hydrant right in front of them. I thought, ‘too bad that fire hydrant’s not red white and blue.’ ”

he idea stuck with her, and she began to look online to see if anyone else had painted fire hydrants.

“There’s a town in Ohio that’s done it, and one in Illinois,” she said. “That’s all I can find, but there may be other towns out there. My mom says all of the whole country did it in 1976.”

She approached Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson with the idea, and he agreed to give it a try. The city council is expected to approve patriotic designs next week, and members of the DAR will find sponsors to make the project happen. Sponsors will only cover the $75 cost for painting. Read More>

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